$20 Donation for for Napoleon at Hart Acres Sanctuary

Product Description

Napoleon came to Hart Acres at just one week old from a nearby small-scale dairy farm. He was kept in a tiny pen, where he frantically bellowed for his mother with his umbilical cord still attached - a stark image of the violence the dairy industry exhibits. Around Australia, hundreds of thousands of baby boys are slaughtered at less than a week old - just for being born the 'wrong' sex. These babies are nothing more than 'wastage'.

But not here at Hart Acres, those days are now long passed. Napoleon spends his days lazing in the sun eating his favorite food - watermelon. He has found familial comfort in the form of Casanova - our other ex dairy rescue - and have formed a beautiful brotherly bond.

For the first time in his life, he knows love. We will not forget where Napoleon came from and we suspect he won't either, but we will continue to tell his story in the hope that others will see the bright, deserving boy he is and make the connection to ditch dairy.

Please consider adding a donation for Napoleon and his friends at Hart Acres Animal Haven to your next Cruelty Free Shop order.

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