$20 Donation for for Burnu at Amaroo Wildlife Shelter

Product Description

Burnu the baby wombat was found wandering on a main road with his mother nowhere to be found. She was most likely hit by a car and Burnu, starving and terrified, went looking for help. Luckily he was spotted by a kind passerby and taken to Amaroo Wildlife Shelter. Burnu got used to his human carers but was was lonely and missed him mum. It wasn’t until he was joined by two other orphaned wombats, Marlee and Tulara, that he finally had some friends of his own species and started to thrive. Marlee’s mother was hit by a car and she was found bloody and injured after being thrown from the pouch. Tulara was found alone on the road and severely underweight.

All three wombats struggled with health problems and the stress of being away from their mothers but they are much better now, thanks to the excellent care of Amaroo’s shelter operator Nikky Rae.

Bare-nosed wombats, like Burnu, Marlee and Tulara, used to be called common wombats, Sadly with so many dying on our roads, being shot by farmers and attacked by dogs they won’t be common for long. Please drive carefully on the roads at dusk, night and dawn.

The wombats are about a year old now and when they turn two they will be released back into the wild. Amaroo Wildlife Shelter rescues and rehabilitates sick and injured animals across Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Please consider adding a donation for the orphaned baby wombats and their friends at Amaroo Wildlife Shelter to your Cruelty Free Shop order.

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